Best invest

Best invest

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1st prize - $1000
2nd prize - $500
3rd prize - $250
4-10 prizes - $30

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Deposit minimum of 100$


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from 03.10.2016

Ranking Account # Nickname Deposit Profitability (%)
1 ECN-6004865 Kostya 164.28
2 ECN-6004690 Yola 61.97
3 ECN-6007218 Dati 52.51
4 ECN-6005221 Nanny 37.77
5 ECN-6004703 Analisa 35.46
6 ECN-6007099 Fenn 32.09
7 ECN-6007478 Alynx1 30.41
8 ECN-6007213 Vatisa_Fiji 26.66
9 PRO-6005723 svensk05 5.98
10 PRO-6006732 Vocal 5.76
11 ECN-6004596 azwana 5.69
12 PRO-6007851 Vinokurov 0.70
13 ECN-6007215 Cartelera 0.31
14 ECN-6004877 Simon 0.00
15 ECN-6007214 Yurij 0.00
16 ECN-6006472 Vladimir 0.00
17 ECN-6004409 Imav Razolian 0.00
18 ECN-6005127 Kazikov3 0.00
19 ECN-6003400 Alynx 0.00
20 PRO-6007546 Zinaida 0.00
21 PRO-6007574 NATALYA 0.00
22 ECN-6007319 One_Million 0.00
23 ECN-6004772 Sveta 0.00
24 ECN-6004941 Kazikov2 0.00
25 ECN-6007937 KONKURSANT 0.00
26 ECN-6004957 Kazikov1 0.00
27 ECN-6004714 Евгений 0.00
28 ECN-6007107 Japik 0.00
29 ECN-6007219 Blazer 0.00
30 ECN-6006742 RINGO 0.00
31 ECN-6007557 Max111 0.00
32 ECN-6007324 Payoneer777 0.00
33 ECN-6004715 A Gangan 0.00
34 ECN-6004430 Kostya2 0.00
35 ECN-6007455 Dmitryi 0.00
36 ECN-6007844 Turbo 0.00
37 ECN-6004691 Артем 0.00
38 ECN-6004143 Eminem168 0.00
39 ECN-6007283 Flash_Profit 0.00
40 ECN-6007282 Alex 0.00
41 ECN-6005982 Medved 0.00
42 ECN-6005965 Kertlain 0.00
43 ECN-6006370 marno 0.00
44 ECN-6007361 sakibantara 0.00
45 ECN-6007477 rosun 0.00
46 ECN-6005995 Joko Maryanto 0.00
47 ECN-6007414 Axia cou 0.00
48 ECN-6006009 TAEW 0.00
49 ECN-6007572 Teguh 0.00
50 ECN-6007631 lou 0.00
51 ECN-6007650 Святослав 0.00
52 ECN-6005806 pasee 0.00
53 ECN-6007859 MulFX 0.00
54 ECN-6007962 didiksetiawan 0.00
55 ECN-6005482 Konstantin111 0.00
56 ECN-6008131 AM081076TFC 0.00

1. Contest period, registration, and participation terms

  • 1.1. The registration in the contest “Best Invest” starts 2 weeks before the launch of the contest, at 00:00:01 on 15.10.2016 (according to the time GMT +3 as indicated within the trading platform) and lasts during the whole contest period.
  • 1.2. The contest “Best Invest” is carried out from 00:00:01, 03.10.2016 till 23:55:01, 02.12.2016 (according to the time GMT +3 as indicated within the trading platform).
  • 1.3. The official results of the contest will be announced and published within 10 business days after the contest has ended.
  • 1.4. The contest is carried out for Tifia’s clients.
  • 1.5. Any holder of a trading account with the Tifia Company who has registered his/her Client’s Profile may participate in this contest. In the absence of the Client’s Profile, the client needs to register his Profile and open a trading account that the participant wishes to register in the contest.
  • 1.6. A trading account that is supposed to participate in the contest “Best Invest” must be registered as Duplicator’s account in the “Social trading” profile, and then registered in the contest. The registration form is located on the contest page
  • 1.7. The client may register in the contest up to 10 Duplicator’s accounts of type ECN Classic and ECN Pro opened within MT4 platform.
  • 1.8. When registering in the contest, the Client guarantees that his/her personal details specified in the Client’s Profile are up-to-date and true.
  • 1.9. Having filled in the registration form to participate in the contest “Best Invest”, the participant will receive a registration confirmation letter to his/her email address.
  • 1.10. The participation in the contest “Best Invest” implies acquaintance and consent to the contest rules and the company’s regulations described in the Client agreement and Terms of Business.
  • 1.11. To participate in the contest “Best Invest” initial capital is required. Only the Client’s own funds deposited in the account by means of payment systems can be regarded as the initial capital. The initial capital can’t include funds transferred into the contest account from the Client’s another trading account.
  • 1.12. Copy trading on the contest accounts can be carried out during the registration period. Trading operations conducted before the start of the contest will not be considered in the contest ranking.
  • 1.13. The participants’ trading results will be published in the Contest review on the contest page. The results will be updated with a 1-hour delay in order to prevent the copying of trades.
  • 1.14. The Tifia Company is the official organizer and sponsor of the contest “Best Invest”.
  • 1.15. The Tifia Company has the right to amend the contest conditions at any time and without any special notification.

2. Determination of winners and conditions of work on the contest account

  • 2.1. The first 10 participants who have reached the highest profitability level according to the contest results confirmed by the final check will be considered as the winners of the contest “Best Invest”.

    The profitability (%) is calculated as follows:

    % Profit = ( EquityFinal / ( EquityStart + Σ(Deposit) ) -1 ) * 100%, where:

    EquityStart = BalanceStart + Floating PL

    EquityFinal = BalanceFinal + Floating PL

    Conventional signs:

    • - EquityStart — the amount of funds available at the beginning of the contest;
    • - EquityFinal — the current amount of funds or the amount available at the end of the contest;
    • - BalanceStart — the balance at the beginning of the contest;
    • - BalanceFinal — the current balance or the balance at the end of the contest;
    • - SUM DPST – the total of all deposits made during the contest;
    • - Floating PL — floating profit and loss on open positions.

    The profitability will be calculated as soon as the contest starts and the initial capital is deposited in the contest account. Only those orders that were copied from Providers will be statistically relevant.

  • 2.2. Only those participants who have been actively copying Providers’ trades during the contest period and have traded at least 0.1% of lots of their deposit (Example: deposit $100, 100$ * 0.001 = 0.1 lot) can be recognized as the winners. Also, the winners must have positive profitability at the end of the contest.
  • 2.3. If several participants have reached the same profitability level as per the contest results, a higher place will be awarded to the participant that has executed more trades during the contest.
  • 2.4. Regardless of the number of accounts partaking in the contest, the participant can claim only one prize place; accordingly, in case several trading accounts of the same participant have been ranked among the top 10 accounts, only one of his/her accounts will be kept – the one with the highest profitability level. This participant’s other accounts will be eliminated from the ranking and the ranking will be shifted.
  • 2.5. The margin requirements and trading conditions correspond to the type of account. The leverage level on the account participating in the contest may not be changed during the contest.
  • 2.6. The participant may copy any of Providers, which are indicated in the monitoring of “Social Trading”. The participant has the right to stop copying one Provider and attach account to another.
  • 2.7. The Tifia Company reserves the right to refuse registration in the contest to the Client or to disqualify him/her during the contest “Best Invest” or during the check of results without explanation and without any special notification.

    The reasons for disqualification:

    • - Violation or non-observance of the contest rules
    • - Violation or non-observance of the Client agreement and Terms of Business;
    • - Provision of false personal information when registering or refusal to confirm personal information with relevant documents;
    • - Illegal trading between 2 or more participants with the view of making guaranteed profits by one of them;
    • - Opening of inverse transactions of big amounts on the same financial instruments on different accounts and at the same time approximately;
    • - Use of quotes flow failures to make guaranteed profits;
    • - Ascertainment or suspicion that a Participant has committed any kind of fraudulent action for being listed among the winners.
  • 2.8. In case of disqualification, the participant’s account will be excluded from the ranking and from the contest, but the participant will be able to continue trading on this account according to the general trading rules at Tifia.
  • 2.9. A situation which is not covered by these rules or Tifia’s official regulations shall be sorted out by means of talks. The final decision shall be made by the organizer of the contest and shall not be revised.

3. Awarding of winners and prize receipt rules

  • 3.1. The winners of the contest “Best Invest” will be awarded the following prizes:

    Rank Prize
    1st $1000
    2nd $500
    3rd $250
    4th – 10th $30
  • 3.2. Before receiving the prize, the winner must confirm his phone number, identity and address in the Client’s Profile. The winner must fully verify his personal profile according to the requirements described in Tifia’s AML policy.
  • 3.3. The winners will receive their precious prizes within 10 business days after the final results have been announced, provided that the conditions of the item 3.2 are respected.
  • 3.4. The prize money will be added to the “balance” column, on the winner’s trading account with the Tifia Company. After that the prize money can be used in trading, profit-making or fully withdrawn from the account without any limitations.
  • 3.5. The Tifia Company has the right to refuse to award a prize to a participant without explanation on suspicion of violation of contest rules or in case the winner refuses to verify his personal profile and provide copies of his documents or any other personal details.
  • 3.6. The Tifia Company reserves the right to use the information related to the winning accounts for advertising purposes and publish it in any sources of information. The winners are invited to participate in Tifia’s advertising and marketing actions such as interviews, photo- and video-reports, and press releases concerning the contest. At the same time Tifia commits itself not to divulge the winner’s private information (including name and surname) without the winner’s consent. Should a winner refuse to participate in these actions, the Tifia Company reserves the right to disqualify the winner and award the prize to the participant occupying the next place in the final ranking.

The contest will run from 03.10.2016 till 02.12.2016.

  • To be able to participate in the contest, you only need to deposit initial capital in your contest account and start copying one of the Providers. The deposit amount is not limited – you can increase your winning chances if you want!